5 valuable tips for the company Christmas party

5 valuable tips for the company Christmas party

This is how you celebrate and survive with style

Whether new to the company or already tried and tested at a compulsory party – every year the company Christmas party brings with it some tricky questions for most people. What should I wear? Talk to whom and how? How to have a nice evening even with boring colleagues and creepy bosses? And what is really not appropriate? The ManaJump Blog gives something very practical for the party – namely the most important answers. Passing it on gladly permitted.

Tip 1: Yes or no? Going there is compulsory!

Colleagues don’t exactly stand out as mood cannons even during lunch breaks, the boss is anything but a philanthropist and the prospect of an early end to work hours is so tempting… Nothing is an excuse: appearing at the company Christmas party is a must! This is to show how team-oriented and socially collegial you really are. In case of doubt, you look at the whole thing like an informal team meeting that you wouldn’t simply skip. And what if the level of horror and the foreign shame factor are very high, for example in view of bosses in Santa Claus costumes or rhyming games? You stay at least two hours or one hour after the last course. And he consoles himself with the thought: the worse the program, the better the topic of conversation in the next few weeks.

Tip 2: Glitter or grey? Dress code in case of doubt business suitable!

If no dress code was given at the company Christmas party announcement or if it is easy to find out, please ask the organizer or other colleagues. Under no circumstances and never voluntarily and without agreement in the reindeer sweater or with Santa Claus cap emerge. For glitter, décolleté and short clothing, the following applies: Always the way you would just want to see yourself in the office – after all, it is the same audience. And in case of doubt, you simply rely on the layered look: Men can take off their ties and jackets to look casual. Women can wear a chic top under a blouse and co. that makes the office outfit ready for the evening in no time at all. Transformation professionals also have an alternative pair of shoes and possibly accessories with them.

Tip 3: Silent night or talking marathon? Powerful smalltalk!

Network talents use the company Christmas party to make new contacts within the company. So smalltalk is really broadening the horizon here. A good smalltalk topic is everything innocuous, about which you can reveal something private in small doses: Christmas plans, gifts, etc., the location, the weather … – Just like at work, the following also applies to celebrations: Don’t get too private, don’t blaspheme about colleagues and bosses (who are quickly behind you here), rather avoid politics, religion and world peace. Also don’t discuss: problems in the team, the desired salary increase, criticism in general. Whoever comes along too professionally at the company Christmas party spoils the mood of others – or tries insidiously to exploit the level of the superior. Both not so beautiful.

Attention small talk trap

Of course, you always come across a colleague from time to time who … let’s say: is not sooo interesting. Good: Take a little (breathing) break and apologize to the toilet. Bad: Obviously looking for someone more interesting in the room while the other one is talking – or after a few drinks telling him bluntly how you actually find the conversation.

Tip 4: Cheers or Selters? Only slightly drunk!

In a perfect world, the bosses would leave their employees among themselves after a short time and you would only be with colleagues close to alcohol, with whom you have a lot of fun. But the world isn’t that beautiful even in the Christmas glow. That’s why at company Christmas parties you should always show your cheerful side and never be drunk. A lot of water in between is always good, even better the two-drink rule: two alcoholic drinks in the evening, the rest of the liquid alcohol-free. So you don’t do anything you’d regret the very next day and don’t become a mockery of the corridor radio. It’s better to grab the colleagues you’re friends with after the company duty program to an unobserved drink in another location – what happens there usually stays there.

Looking too deep into the glass and then?

Sometimes you suddenly notice that you’ve had too much for a long time. Then it’s better to leave as inconspicuously as possible than to try to cover it up. The less well an inconspicuous drunkenness has worked, the more it depends on it: The next day, you have to be absolutely punctual at work, invest in fresh breath, don’t address the topic on your own.

Tip 5: Flirt or talk shop? No kiss under the mistletoe!

Never, actually never in the history of amorous Christmas party adventures have the words “dignified”, “appropriate” and “eloquent” been used! Ok, a harmless and charming flirt in a pleasant atmosphere goes as long as the atmosphere is really, really pleasant for both. Otherwise you simply don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in a meeting. Rather rely on good small talk in order to carefully get closer to the worshipped colleague. But what if it’s just fate and now is the big now-or-never moment? Then you ask yourself two things: Am I really still sober? Can I charmingly persuade the object of desire to go somewhere else with myself (and my favourite colleagues) for a nightcap? But it’s better to spend a carefree and beautiful evening together at the company Christmas party – and then tie in with it if there is really mutual and genuine interest.

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