16 Employer-To-Dos to win digital natives

16 Employer-To-Dos to win digital natives

Offer what the new generation really wants

Innovative education, highly skilled in technology and media, absolutely future-proof: No wonder that not only modern start-ups, but also traditional companies are looking for digital natives. They are not only the signpost, but also the road that leads directly to the world of work 4.0. They also can support employers with their new know-how in the associated challenges and let them participate in the opportunities – if they want to. Because the one who is so in demand has the choice. Moreover a change in values has already taken place in the last generation, in addition to the digital one, which is manifested today in the demands and expectations of the digital natives in the world of work and lifestyle. ManaJump has summarized for you what digital natives really expect from their workplace and employers and with which to-dos they successfully recruit the coveted generation of new employees – and keep them in the company in the long term.

Work-Life-Balance is the new salary

Time is money, that was once the case: even for a generous top salary, the new generation of employees is no longer available for a life out of work around the clock and little free time. However, it is not convenience that lies behind it – but simply the pronounced desire for a balanced work-life balance. Digital natives are absolutely willing to give everything on the job. But not everything for the job. Just as important to them as professional success is leisure time, e.g. for travel and experiences. For young talents, sacrificing these too much for a job or only having 28 days off within an inflexible holiday system means they have too little time to live. And that is why it is often decided against an employer who does not offer them enough free time. Often, no matter how high earnings options can help. For digital natives, intensely designable lifetime is worth more than money, not least because they are far less dependent on classic status symbols than their parents.

To-Dos for employers „Leisure Time“:

  • Balancing overtime flexibly with leisure time
  • If possible, create 4-day weeks
  • Create flextime models
  • More than the legally regulated holidays offer

Rather a fruit basket from the organic farm than a company car

Status thinking has actually changed radically within just one generation: Digital natives no longer dream of a large home or an expensive car. They prefer to invest in hobbies, travelling, their fitness: in what they can experience. And how sustainably something has been produced is now more important to them than expensive labels. In general, sustainability, a responsible approach to the environment and its resources is a major issue for young employees. Instead of driving their own car, they use car sharing services, rental scooters, bicycles or public transports. This reduces CO2 emissions and their own costs for maintenance and parking fees. And the fact that the office organic fruit basket is now mentioned in numerous job advertisements is also due to the awareness of an ecologically good and healthy lifestyle of the Digital Natives – and rightly so: In-company sports offers or reimbursement of contributions for fitness offers are now more in demand than classic free offers such as the company car. Then it would be better to offer your potential employees an (e-)bike, take care of the public transport costs or – provide them smartphones for private use and other mobile devices.

To-Do for employer „gratification“:

  • Access to E-bikes and public transport subscriptions instead of company cars
  • Create fitness offers or assume costs
  • Offer fruit and healthy lunch specials
  • Provide privately usable company smartphones or other devices

Digital natives want career AND family – not or

If you want to attract digital natives as employees, you can no longer regard your career and family as alternative, mutually exclusive lifestyles. The better trained young women are, the less willing they are to give up their careers to start a family – or the other way around. The new generation of women can no longer be reduced to the mother role. At the same time, she would like to be supported by society and her employer in their decision to be a mother. Also young fathers want to see their children not only on weekends, they want to be actively involved in their upbringing. An attractive employer must position itself as family-friendly and create appropriate offers for women and men. Flexible parental leave models are now almost a matter of course in the world of work, but an opportunity of company childcare is also a real job plus at Digital Natives. And of course: a high degree of flexibility in working hours and the place of work.

To-Dos for employers „family friendliness“:

  • Develop flexible parental leave models
  • Create company kindergarten and/or childcare services
  • Offer flextime models and home office options
  • Advertise demanding jobs also as part-time jobs

Towards self-realization, not just high on the career ladder

The digital revolution offers numerous possibilities for new forms of collaboration and even makes it possible to work from anywhere. Digital natives not only have the knowledge of how to implement these options technically and organizationally – they simply expect corresponding offers from an attractive employer. Agile workplace distribution is as self-evident for the young generation of employees as working in the home office or from a co-working space. This generation would like to decide for itself if and when a physical presence in the office makes sense. Plus for employers: With location-independent working models, you are also attractive in less desirable locations than the urban conurbations. For Digital Natives, it’s no longer just about climbing the career ladder, they want to be able to fully contribute their skills and personalities to the job – to realize themselves. To do this, they need both creative and hierarchical freedom, and their employer should both encourage and challenge them. As a company that lets its employees develop and support work and solution processes, you will be at the forefront of Digital Natives. And constant offers to make progress in personal development are also an important key to opening the door for well-trained young applicants.

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