Pricing Information

Test ManaJump and benefit from an attractive starter price for your first order.

By submitting a job advertisement, the client instructs ManaJump to publish it on ManaJump will change the ad layout and remove any company name including logo etc. so that the searching company cannot be recognized. The essential characteristics of the position in question and the desired profile are retained in full.

ManaJump will additionally communicate the job offer to a specially selected, suitable target group on social media and recruitment platforms, partly supported by accompanying advertising measures free of charge for the company. This significantly increases the relevant reach of each job offer.

ManaJump selects the two to five most suitable applications from the applications received. They are then made aware of the company from which the job offer originated. If the applicants are still interested and after their express consent, their complete applications including CV and all necessary documents will be forwarded to the searching company, as far as these documents are available.

The assignment of ManaJump under the conditions mentioned above comes into effect with the submission of the job ad. Transmission can take place online via the upload function offered by ManaJump, by email or by post.


The placement of ads on the ManaJump website and their further target-group-specific communication are free of charge.


A fee of Euro 1,500.00 is due for the submission of a minimum of two and a maximum of five suitable applicant profiles. (ManaJump list)

A fee of Euro 1,500.00 per candidate is also due for the hiring of submitted candidates. (ManaJump success)

Special services:

Job Blog Video: 1-2-minute presentation of the job offer by a professional job blogger including upload to the ManaJump YouTube channel and link to the job posting on
This offer can be booked in addition to the business offer at a price of Euro 350.00.

Employer Branding: 2-minute video for individual company and / or employer presentation including upload to ManaJump YouTube channel. Job posting on and rights of use for your company’s website. This offer can be booked in addition to the business offer at a price of Euro 2,000.00.

Further information on the general terms and conditions of ManaJump GmbH can be found in our general terms and conditions.